Our Memorial Plaque

Memorial Plaque

Our Memorial Plaque

This brass Plaque was recently discovered as part of a house clearance by a local builder.

It has been restored by a local company and is now back in its rightful place here at St Mary’s Denton.

Research has been done by a local historian in the Diocese and he has provided us with the following information.

In 1922 the Parish of St Mary, Denton recorded having lost 17 of its congregation in the Great War. The Parish war memorial which took the form of a brass votive candle stand, bore the names of 26 men.

1. Men who were parishioners of the church when they went off to war.

2. Men who had been parishioners, but had left the parish prior to the war.

3. Men whose families moved into the parish while they were away at war, or after they had died.

4. Men who had a relative living in the parish, even if they themselves were never part of it.

PRIVATE JOHN BRADY                                                                                  

Manc Reg, 1/9th Bn, died 9/7/1915 of fever in Egypt, posted to Balkans 9/5/15. Born 2/11/1894 at Hooley Hill, Audenshaw, bap 25/11/1894 at St Mary’s, Denton, son of Hugh (Sligo) & Margaret Emma, of 4 Gower St, Hooley Hill (1901), 7 Groby Rd, Hooley Hill (1911), emp in hat works.

PRIVATE CHARLES BROMLEY                                                                              

Roy Irish Reg, 8th Bn, Died 31/7/1918 in accident, age 29 prev Manc Reg, LNLR. Born c1889 in Hooley Hill, son of Robert & Elizabeth (Co Down), of 5 Hartford St, Haughton (1891), 7 Howard St, Audenshaw (1901), married 16/10/1910 at Red Hall Methodist Church, Audenshaw, to Ellen Low, emp in hat works

PRIVATE PERCY BROMLEY                                                                                 

RFA, 47th Bde, DOI 16/10/1918 of TB in Lancaster Sanitorium, posted to France 17/9/1916, invalided home 4/6/1917. Born c1891 in Denton, son of James & Alice Ann, of 38 Taylor Lane, Denton (1891), Manx Road, Denton (1901), 95 Kynder Street, Denton (1911, 1917), received into RC Church at St Ann, Ashton under Lyne 18/9/1913, married Alice Barrett 27/9/1913 at St Ann, AUL, emp as a hatter, one son John Harry, born and baptised 1916 at St Mary’s, of 25 Russell Street in 1916.


PRIVATE EDWARD CALLAGHAN                                                                   

Manc Reg, 1st Bn, DOW 12/6/1915 in Field Hospital, age 44, posted to France 29/3/15. Born c1871 in Manchester, son of Thomas & Ann (Irish), of 8 Scholes St, Manchester Cent (1891), married 12/8/1901 at St Mary, Denton to Mary Edith McDonagh, of Wilton St, Denton.

SERGEANT THOMAS CALLAGHAN                                                             

KORL, 1st Bn, DOW 16/6/1915 in France, age 28. Born 1887 in Hyde, son of George & Alice Butler, of 28 Cross St, Hyde, married Annie Smith, of Wilton St, Denton.

PRIVATE HERBERT CHRISTIAN                                                                                 

Manc Reg, 1/9th Bn, KIA 7/5/1917 in France, posted to the Balkans 22/8/15. Born 13/9/1894 at 106 Albermarle St, Ashton under Lyne, bap 30/9/1894 at St Mary, AUL, son of William (Undertaker) & Catherine, of 85 Katherine St, AUL (1901, 1911), emp as a Grocer with the Co-op.

LANCE CORPORAL JOHN CONDON MM                                                               

Royal Scots, 15th Bn, KIA 9/4/1917 in France, age 28. Born c1889 in London, of 74 Holland St, Denton (1911 – lodging with Moores family), married Evelyn Moores, of 34 Hyde Rd, Denton (1919), St Mary, Denton SVP, emp as a hatter at felt hat works.

PRIVATE JOHN COSTELLOE                                                                                     

Lancs Fus, 9th Bn, MIA 21/8/1915 at Gallipoli, age 27, posted 11/7/15. Born 2/4/1888 in Manchester, bap 5/4/1888 at St Patrick’s, son of Michael (Irish) & Catherine, of 17 Home St, Manchester (1891), 83 Chapman St, Manchester (1901), parents both died 1911, lived with father in law James Wilson, of 149 Town Lane, Denton.


PRIVATE WILLIAM THORP DOWNS                                                                     

LNLR, 10th Bn, DO 25/9/1917 at 57th Field Amb, France, prev Manc Reg. Born c1887 in Bredbury, son of Joseph & Annie P, of Redhouse Lane, Bredbury (1891), 6 Mount Pleasant Road, Denton (1901), married Mary A. of Denton.

PRIVATE DAVID DRINKWATER                                                                                  

Lancs Fus, 10th Bn, KIA 26/6/1916, posted to France 15/9/15. Born 1878 Q2 in Gorton, son of Joseph & Mary Ann, of 46 McCormick St, Gorton (1881), 9 Ward St, Gorton (1901), 20 Blair St, Gorton (1901), father remarried to Elizabeth, of Town Lane, Denton (1914), 59 Tibb St, Denton (1915, 1916), emp as a paviour. His brothers William and Joseph and their families were parishioners, and their kids all baptised at St Mary’s

PRIVATE JOSEPH HIGGINSON                                                                              

Manc Reg, enl 5/9/1914, posted to MEF 5/7/15 Sulva Bay, disch 14/1/16 as unfit. Born c1876 in Reddish, son of Joseph & Mary Ann, of 25 Houldsworth St, Reddish (1881, 1891), married 24/2/1900 at St Mary, Denton to Emma Furnival, kids – Catherine (bap at St Marys), Winifred, Alice (bap at St Joseph, Reddish), of 94

Seymour St, Denton (1901), 21 Penton View, Reddish (1911), emp as a hatter, RC

PRIVATE VINCENT HURLEY                                                                                     

Manc Reg, 2/9th Bn, KIA 9/10/1917 at Tyne Cot, age 34. Born 10/6/1883 at 25 Oldham St, Reddish, bap 24/6/1883 at St Joseph’s, son of Patrick & Margaret, of 9 Cricket St, Denton (1901  – mother widowed, 1911) married 1912 Q1 to Helen Sayer, kids – Vincent (b. 1912 Q4), Margaret (b.1914 Q3) of 96 Heaton St, Denton (1918), emp as a labourer at Carriage and Waggon works, widow died Nov 1918, attended St Mary, Denton.

PRIVATE DANIEL KAVANAGH                                                                                       

Manc Reg, 22nd Bn, KIA 20/6/1917 in Belgium, age 26, posted to France 12/11/15. Born 1890 Q1 in Carlisle, son of Cuthbert & Barbara, of 55 Taylor Lane, Denton (1901), 16 Moss St, Denton (1910), 16 Grosvenor St, Denton (1911, 1919), emp as a felt hat finisher, family moved to Denton in 1896, conf 1908 at St Mary, Denton, RC, father died 1936.

PRIVATE THOMAS KAVANAGH                                                                         

Manc Reg, 9th Bn, KIA 27/9/1918 in France, age 21. Born 1898 Q2 in Denton, son of Cuthbert & Barbara, of 55 Taylor Lane, Denton (1901), 16 Moss St, Denton (1910), 16 Grosvenor St, Denton (1911, 1919), family moved to Denton in 1896, conf 1908 at St Mary, Denton, RC, father died 1936.

PRIVATE EDWARD KELLY                                                                                             

Manc Reg, 1/9th Bn, KIA 12/7/1915 at Gallipoli, age 19. Born c1896 in Ardwick, son of John & Louisa, of 26 Teak St, Ardwick (1901), 7 Water St, Denton (1911, 1919), emp in felt hat works.

LANCE CORPORAL ANTHONY LANGAN                                                         

Manc Reg, 18th Bn, DOW 30/7/1917 in France, posted to France 9/11/1914. Born. 18/5/1889  in Harpurhey, bap 6/6/1889 at St Edmund’s, Miles Platting, son of Anthony (Co Mayo) & Mary (Dublin), of 153 Cheltenham St, Harpurhey (1889, 1891), 16 Howard St, Audenshaw (1911), emp as a furrier

PRIVATE LEO SEBASTIAN MALLALIEU                                                         

Manc Reg, 16th Bn, KIA 1/7/1916 on the Somme, age 20, posted to France 8/11/15. Born 19/9/1895 at Denton, bap 29/9/1895 at St Mary’s, son of Thomas (Hatters Trade Union Sec) & Agnes Mary, or Margaret Jane (Cork), of 96 Acre St, Denton (1901), 43 Peel St, Denton (1911, 1919), emp as a butcher, St Mary, Denton SVP.

PRIVATE MARTIN MOORES                                                                       

MGC (Inf), KIA 10/4/1918 in Calais, age 36 prev SLR, posted to France 18/12/15. Born 9/8/1882 in Ashton under Lyne Workhouse, bap 11/11/1883 at St Ann’s, Ashton, illegitimate son of Winifred (Galway), of 1 off Town Lane, Denton (1883, 1891), 1 Tom Croft, Denton (1911), 1 elder sibling Patrick,   mother stayed single, worked as a charwoman.

PRIVATE ALBERT V SUTHERLAND (Bert)                                                                           

Kings Liv Reg, 8th Bn, DOW 4/7/1916 (GSW) at 6th Stat Hosp, Havre on the Somme, enl 28/10/14, posted to France 2/5/15, wounded 30/6/16, leg amputated. Born c1894 in Salford, son of William & Mary Elinor, of 6 Bank Place, Greengate (1901), 247 Bolton Rd, Pendleton (1911), Tudor House, 30 Camp St, Lower Broughton (1916), 6 Victoria St, Lower Broughton (1917), 17 Duke St, Lower Broughton (1919) 2 Delta St, Lightbowne Road, Moston (1920), emp as an engineer, RC mother attd St Bonifaces. (Albert lied on his enlistment about his place of birth and residence, claiming to be from Blackpool).

PRIVATE THOMAS SWINDELLS                                                                           

Cheshire Reg, 1st Bn, KIA 8/5/1917 at Arras. Born 16/6/1888 in Denton, Chr 30/9/1888 at St Anne’s CE, son of Thomas & Emma, of 3 Jet Amber Cottages, Haughton, Denton (1891, 1901 – father widowed, 1911), 68 Market St, Denton (1919 – father remarried to Sarah Ann), younger siblings bap at St Mary, Denton, emp as a pork butcher.

PRIVATE THOMAS TAYLOR                                                                                          

Leics Reg, DOI 12/3/1920 (abcess) at Queen Mary Military Hospital, Whalley, enl 21/10/14 in RGA, posted to France 20/7/15-25/8/16 & 1/11/17-7/1/19, trans 29/3/17 to Leics Reg, disch 6/2/19, adm to hosp 21/1/20. Born 1896 in Denton, bap 2/2/1896 at St Mary’s, Denton, son of Thomas & Catherine, of 16 Cr              eswell St, Denton (1914, 1921), Mother remarried 1915 at St Mary’s to William Furnival,  emp as a hatter, RC, buried in Denton Cemetery.

ABLE SEAMAN JAMES / JOHN  WILDE                                                                                           

Parish SVP Member

SIGNALLER JAMES WILSON (JIM)                                                                           

Seaforth Highlanders, 1st Bn, KIA 21/4/1917 in Persia, age 25. Born 11/10/1892 in Gorton, bap 16/11/1892 at St Francis, son of James & Amanda Theresa, of 168 Napier St, Gorton (1901, 1911), 149 Town Lane, Denton (1917, 1919), emp as a bricksetter, sweetheart Mollie, of 36 Clarence St, Newton Heath

PRIVATE ROBERT L. WILSON                                                                               

Manc Reg, 23rd Bn, died 28/11/1915 in Manchester, age 21. Born 10/8/1894 in West Gorton, bap 5/9/1894 at St Francis, son of James & Amanda Theresa, of 168 Napier St, Gorton (1901, 1911), 149 Town Lane, Denton (1917, 1919), emp in iron works.